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Canadian Mineral Analysts has a CMA conference every year in different parts of the world. Below you will find a list of the places CMA has been.

Year Conference Location Prov/State Comment
1969 1st Noranda QC  
1970 2nd Noranda QC  
1971 3rd Haileybury ON  
1972 4th Haileybury ON  
1973 5th Sudbury ON
1974 6th Kirkland Lake ON  
1975 7th Thunder Bay ON
1976 8th Timmins ON  
1977 9th Flin Flon MB  
1978 10th Noranda QC  
1979 11th Kelowna BC  
1980 12th Bathurst NB  
1981 13th Sudbury ON  
1982 14th Thunder Bay ON  
1983 15th Kamloops BC  
1984 16th Timmins ON  
1985 17th Val d'Or QC  
1986 18th Kamloops BC  
1987 19th Winnemucca NV 1st SMA/CMA joint conference
1988 20th Noranda QC  
1989 21st Timmins ON  
1990 22nd Vancouver BC 2nd SMA/CMA joint conference
1991 23rd Ottawa/Hull ON  
1992 24th Val d'Or QC  
1993 25th Winnipeg MB CMA Silver Anniversary
1994 26th Winnemucca NV 3rd SMA-joint conference
1995 27th Kelowna BC  
1996 28th Peterborough ON  
1997 29th Quebec QC  
1998 30th Kelowna BC  
1999 31st Timmins ON  
2000 32nd Peterborough ON  
2001 33rd Kirkland Lake ON First proceedings on CD
2002 34th Spokane WA 4th SMA-joint conference
2003 35th Ottawa ON  
2004 36th Sudbury ON  
2005 37th Thunder Bay ON  
2006 38th Vancouver BC  
2007 39th Ottawa ON
2008 40th Bathurst ON  
2009 41th Winnipeg MB
2010 42nd Trail/Rossland BC  
2011 43rd Sudbury ON  
2012 44th Québec City QC  
2013 45th Toronto ON
2014 46th Saskatoon SK. ON
2015 47th Ottawa ON
2016 48th Sudbury ON

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