Canadian Mineral Analysts / Analystes canadiensdes minéraux


The formation of a society for chemists, analysts, and assayers originated with Mr. John Gilles of Noranda Mines. His participation in attempting the formation of such an organization dates back to the 1930’s, then again after the war in the 1948-49 era, and later in the 1960’s. The idea was not totally accepted on those occasions. In 1965 the situation changed. When Mr. Gilles became General manger of Noranda’s 22 laboratories he found a more receptive audience at the management level to the idea of a society for chemists and assayers. Environmental and trace element problems and the importance of meeting government standards made it obvious to top level people in the industry that closer liaison between laboratories was essential. Mr. Gilles sent out letters to every mine manager indicating this and the action he was proposing. The response was unanimously in favour of such a meeting. The first meeting was held on October 8th, 1969, in Noranda, Quebec. Several papers were presented after which a discussion followed regarding any interest in Mr. Gilles proposal to form a society for analysts. The response was unanimously in favour of such an organization and the Canadian Mineral Analysts was born.


The Canadian Mineral Analysts Association has done much to promote the communication of analytical technology in the Canadian mining industry. The annual conference and exhibit continues to provide an opportunity for analysts, technical staff, and mangers to exchange information and to develop lasting and meaningful contacts with their colleagues in the mining industry and with manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment and related products and services. The CMA publishes the proceedings of each annual conference which contains all the technical and informational papers presented at the conference and makes them available to all CMA members and conference attendees.

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