Canadian Mineral Analysts / Analystes canadiensdes minéraux


The Canadian Mineral Analysts Association (CMA) was formed in Noranda, Quebec in October 1969 with the following objectives.

  • Maintain close liaison between the laboratories of the Canadian Mining Industry.

  • Assist in developing and sharing methods for analysis of all elements.

  • Assist in developing and sharing methods of sample preparation, work flow, etc.

  • Compile methods manuals for distribution to members (two methods manuals and a quality assurance manual have been published to date.)

  • Hold annual meetings for the presentation of papers on practical applications of analytical methods and the exhibition of new instrumentation and new products available to the industry by their manufacturers.

  • Provide scholarships to students in mineral sciences and chemical technology courses at colleges across Canada.

The Canadian Mineral Analysts is a supporter of the Certified Assayers Foundation of British Columbia, an organization which helps finance administration of the B.C. Assayers Certification Program and encourages young people to become assayers ( The CMA provides donations to be used in support of their program.

Membership in the Canadian Mineral Analysts is open to all analysts employed in the mineral industry or to other technical personnel directly connected with the provision of analyses. This includes metallurgists and mill superintendents who are responsible for the operation of analytical laboratories, analysts at smelters, refineries, custom, and research laboratories as well as analysts in manufacturers laboratories, equipment designers, lab suppliers, and educators in institutions for the education and training of analysts.

The CMA has a members from most Canadian provinces as well as world wide membership including members from New Zealand, U.S.A, Africa, and South America.)


Date: September 15, 1993

Name: Canadian Mineral Analysts

Membership:Membership in the CMA is open to Analysts and Technical Personnel directly connected with the Analysis required in the Mineral Industry.

Purpose: The purpose of the CMA is to promote better communication among Analysts and all those engaged in analytical procedures and the development of methods.


1. The CMA shall hold its annual meeting at a time and place acceptable to the membership.

2. The Chair(s), Vice-Chair(s), Secretarie(s) and Treasurer(s) shall be duly nominated and elected at each annual meeting and they shall constitute theexecutive of the CMA.

3. The Executive may designate areas from which it will appoint Representatives to act as liaison between the membership and the Executive

4. The Executive may from time to time appoint special committees from the membershipfor specific purposes.

5. The membership fee and the annual dues shall be established by the general membership and reviewed at the annual meeting.

6. The Executive shall arrange for papers to be presented at the annual meeting.

7. The business of the annual meeting shall be conducted in accordance with Parliamentary Procedure.

8. Ordinary resolutions shall be passed by a majority vote of those attending the annual meeting. Changes in the constitution shall be passed by a two-thirds majority vote of those in attendance and shall be introduced at the annual meeting one year prior to the one at which the changes are contemplated.

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